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Tom G.
Tom G.

Including Shopping Cart from another software in WSX5 page  en

Autor: Tom G.
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I have a question regarding the Shopping Cart in WSX5.

In Single or multiple databases post, John S. mentions the possibility of integrating into WSX5 a shopping part created using OpenCart software.

Recently, I tried to create an ecommerce page in WSX5 v17.0.2, and realized that there is not much to it in WSX5. Many user posts suggest Incomedia to make a Shopping Cart complete and competitive. That hasn’t happened for number of years…

So, I looked into OpenCart and found out that the site creation there cannot even come close what we can do in WSX5, but the ecommerce part is really fantasticHere is my question:

Has any of you integrated OpenCart’s shopping part in WSX5? If so, could we get some more information on how to do it?

Thank you in advance!


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Stefano G.

Hi Tom.

As you know, the Staff cannot, unfortunately, provide support for such matter, since they mostly concern custom code.

I will leave the topic open anyway but feel free to let me know if any part of the integration needs specific support on the WebSite X5 native integration sections

Thank you


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Tom G.
Tom G.

I know, Stefano, that you cannot provide this kind of support.

I opened this topic hoping that someone has done it before adn will be able to share this experience...

Still hope...

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