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Paul G.
Paul G.

Object html code/css attached files bug?  en

Autor: Paul G.
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Hi, I found out that there is a possible bug in the Object for HTML Code/CSS working with attached files.
I am using Dutch version of WebsiteX5 Pro 2020.1.12.

I admit, this was the first time I ever needed to enclose multiple files to the HTML Code object.
When you attach files to the object, they have /files as a server path (suggested). My object worked fine until I wanted to put all the files nicely together : .js in the /js subfolder and .css in the /css subfolder of my website in order to keep a clear structure. 
I changed all instances to the new folder in every file necessary, every .js and the .css was altered to the correct folder (/js or /css) and after this, the whole HTML Code object no longer worked. 

After checking, rechecking and trying out for about 1 hour, everything worked again... only after changing all references to any subfolder back to "/files".

Just for information, but if you retain /files as server path, it is not really necessary to be able to change the server path on the site.

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.

Hello. I sent a notification about your question to the company employees, expect an answer from them here in the comments.

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Stefano G.

Hello Paul

if I understand correctly, you're saying that specifying whatever other folder here:

Will break the linking of these files? 

Did the mentioned folder exist or not? 

Keep me posted on this so that I might perform further checks

Thank you


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