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Daddy T.

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I am using Website x5 Pro. I have a very similar problem. Mine concerns digital downloads.

During tests: as the vendor I receive email confirmation of the sale...... perfect.

As the purchaser I receive confirmation of the purchase and the order number email but no email with link to the download......... not good.

I have shopping cart set up and have database set up on host server. All files are in the folder.

WHY is this happening and how can it be fixed ????


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Andre E
Andre E

After purchase you need to confirm the order (once paid), then the mail is send.
You can do so in the admin panel eather through website or in the app.
Can it be that you did not accepted order in one of the panels?

admin panel through internet is available at your website adress and then add /admin behind it.

login can be found in x5 step1 advanced TAB -> acces management.

check out the help:

specialy chapter 6.

Hope this helps.

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