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Dinos Longinos

4 columns in the smartphone Display  en

Autor: Dinos Longinos
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Hi, we want to compare the funcionality of three software we sell and for this reason, we would like to have 4 columns. One for the description of the function and three for the software. We tried to create a table but It will not properly show on the smartphone display. We tried to create 4 columns in our webpage but the smartphone display puts the four columns one under the other instead of next to each other.

Please find attached in PDF format, what we are trying to achieve and let us know if there is a way to present this in a smartphone display.

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Andreas S.
Andreas S.
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There is no PDF attached to this post.

The responsive design in the mobile version is displayed with only one column and is created automatically. For all other higher resolutions you can decide how many columns you want to display.

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