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Noel S.

Evo 11 Crashes when Template Customization is opened.  en

Author: Noel S.
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I'm workign on a website and have built my own template. I want to alter the fotter so I tried to open the template customisation tab. when i do an error message comes up saying "an error has aoccured" Then i have an option of sending the details or just closing the program.

There is a long list in the details tab of the error window, so long that I'm not going to post it. but if someone thinks they can help i'd be happy to post the details.

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Claudio D.

Hello Noel,

Does this happens only with one project or also if you start a new one?

Can you please also tell me what windows version you are using and paste the details of the error you get?

Many thanks!

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