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H. Veenkamp
H. Veenkamp

Update always fails  en

Author: H. Veenkamp
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Everytime there is an update for WebsiteX5, I get the message it cannot install the update and retry later.

I end up uninstalling WebsiteX5 and then reïnstall the latest version.

Why is this happening all the time?

System is running Windows 8.1

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Andre E
Andre E

You don't need to deinstall. just a reinstall will do.

Else you can disable x5 manually before updating this could help too, depends on the error.

Just before you press the last button to start the update, press ctrl-alt-del and close x5.

This happens cause x5 does not close completely after the update starts. Maybe this has something to do with rights of software to close other software on your pc.

Coeld be windows or firewall or rights in windows. Anyway closing down is the most easy way this is not much trouble and way better then deinstall and complete install.

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