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Palden Jenkins

Cell formatting issue  en

Author: Palden Jenkins
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I'm getting a small fomatting issue when I have two vertical cells alongside each other (see attachment). It doesn't happen every time - only sometimes. A small gap appears at the bottom of one cell.

I wondered whether it might be a problem with pasting text from MSWord, so the tet in this page is clean, but the problem still arises. At least, it does so in Chrome, and sometimes in Firefox.

The web-page is at

Any tips? Thanks. Palden

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Andre E
Andre E


If you make 2 cells next to eachother with the same height (in page creation), X5 will always create them the same height in your webpage, no matter if one has only 1 line ant the other 10. This means the the one with less height will always keep a gap.

Sometimes browsers don't have the correct fonts and switch to defaults, this creates small changes in different browsers. Also do browsers not always show 100% same spacing of and fonts space so this can also create small changes.

As long as you keep spaces and enters to zero at the end of your last font space will be kept to mimimum, or adjusted to other objects in your page that has same height in page creations.

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