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I am the main webmaster for our non-profit fraternal submarine veteran organization and am building our new website on my computer but a team member is building just one section on his computer. We are both using the same version of WebSite X5 Professional 11.

What I need to know is how do I import his project into my master project. His pages also use a different theme from mine. I suppose I could copy/paste his pages from the project he exported and sent to me which I then imported - but can I merge his pages with mine?



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Stefano G.

Hi Kenneth.

Unfortunately it is not possible to merge works from a project to another.

The best you can do is either.

1) Export both projects, put the .html files together and fix the link by hand through code (Definitely not suggested)

2) Get one of you to work on the project, then export it and have the other member importing it inside his program and continuing with his part.

Hope I've been helpful

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