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When positing the title for this question, I got following suggestions :

  • The registration software crashes at startup
  • Is the technical support for Version 8 of WebSite X5 still available?
  • system requirements for WebSite X5 Evolution 9
  • The new HTML5 Galleries we have added into the 9.1 version.
  • How can I download the Mini Sites included with WebSite X5 SUITE?
  • How to insert a WebAnimator HTML5 animation in the header/footer of a web page created with WebSite X5

As you can see, suggestions are totally irrelevant to my question. I can say that I loosing so much time find answers on this forum. You should really think reorganizing the questions into categories. That will be benefitial for users who can find the answer they are looking for more easaly and it is more benefitial because you don't have to anser the same questions over and over again because they got lost samewhere on page 2 of google search.

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