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Suszter A.
Suszter A.

Don't open projekt  en

Author: Suszter A.
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I can't open the projekt file (Iwzip)

error code:

CRC error: the file being extracted appears to be corrupted. expected 0x3D63C4DC, Actual 0x44EFE3CF.

What"s this, what is then error, What can I do ?

help please

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Claudio D.

Hello Suszter A.,

From the error it appears the file to be corrupted and there is no way to open it.

Can you make a new export of the project to check if then it works correctly?

When you export is as IWZIP save it first on the desktop and then try to import it back to see if it works correctly.

If then it works you can move it to another computer to import it.

Many thanks!

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