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Jakub Skála

How to make icon anywhere on site and redirect after click on it  en

Author: Jakub Skála
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Hello, im using Webstie x5 evo 12 and i want to place icon ANYWHERE on site. For example on the bar on that there is menu buttons. But how? And after click on the icon, I want to redirect on some site. HOW PLEASE?
Im sending prtscr with red circle that indicates where I want it for example. Thank you!

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If I am not mistaken, go to option 2 (Map creation) Create a page name. 

-Highlight said page name and click properties (far right on screen) 

-Top right hand side of the new screen has three option tabs. (graphic is located in the middle) Here you can link the page where you want it, and there is even an "icon for menu item) feature on the right. 

Hope this helps

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