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Jorge C.
Jorge C.

I have x5 evo but, can i to create a classifieds and advertisement web whit pro?  en

Author: Jorge C.
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i alredy have x5 evo 12, but we have a project to create a web portal of my city to concentrate the sales traffic with classifieds and advertisement, when the users can to show theirs business offers and used producs to sale and we can to sale like a ecommerce portal.

can we do that with x5 pro?


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Francesco B.
Francesco B.

Try this steps:

  1. go to advanced option
  2. go to e-commerce
  3. add new category (for example BOOK SHOP)
  4. add new item (for example DORIAN GRAY)
  5. go to creation map
  6. open the page with the name of the category in point #3 (BOOK SHOP)
  7. Insert Item catalog products
  8. flag the category (BOOK SHOP) and all the other items that you want

after you can find many kinds of customizations

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