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Hemant Chauhan
Hemant Chauhan

How to use database option ?  en

Author: Hemant Chauhan
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Hello Team

I want to

  1. Allow any website visitor to input an alphanumeric value in a box,
  2. Click a Search Button for it,
  3. If that alphanumeric value matches value in our database,
  4. It should give out a result linked to that value such asname, date , photo and other.
  5. If the value doesnt not match the value in data base it should say Not Found.

Please guide me. I will buy the database object after I get a hang of how to use it.

I am attaching a screenshot of the manual process of doing it currently.

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Claudio D.

Hello Hemant,

The database viewer is only meant to show data from a database table but is not able to perform the actions you are looking for.

For these functions you will need to use custom code unfortunately I cannot help you with the use of custom code, but if you have any doubts or issues on how to add them in the pages you made with WebSite X5 you can ask me. Generally speaking since the functions do not depend on WebSite X5, you can search useful information about the custom code with search engines like google or wait until someone on the community of Answers can help you.

Many thanks!

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