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Petr C.
Petr C.

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Author: Petr C.
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Hello, I have a question.
On my page in the category of recipes I have a problem.
The mobile template on the phone with Android in some recipes first picture and the second place goes a title and text, and in some it is reversed.

I need advice what is wrong and what can I do to make recipes lined up in the format: nadpist first and then to the image.
Thank you very much for the information and advice.

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J. Kozak
J. Kozak

Hello Petr C.

When you design subsites you can see on the top someting like Responsive:


When you choose this option then you can decide how the site will be put on mobile devices. There you should set correctly the sequence of the text and images (for example 1 for image, 2 for text and again 3 for image and 4 for text).

I hope this will help you.


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