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Rob G.
Rob G.

I was considering buying ws 13, but ... But scares me  en

Author: Rob G.
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I was considering buying ws 13, but following the ws13 trend since last December, seeing that after every update, instead of improving the program, new problems, new crashes and new malfunctions are underway. In a year almost never resolved. So I decided to wait for the output of your software when it will be stable and users will be satisfied with all the operations.
For now, I do not spend money on your software that does not work well yet, and has some shortcomings that other software has been using for a long time. How long does it take to stabilize a version of your software? Or do you exit the software annually, and then during the year are solved or not solved your problems?
Let me know when your software will be 100% revised.

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John S.
John S.

Hello Rob

I understand you - when reading about ver. 13 i would also be sceptic.

I am a user of X5 - been there since ver. 8.

But I am NOT a totally fan of the software - as you also can see in my post :

Until ver. 13 I had nearly never had problems with the software - but then came v. 13.

There was huge problems with this version, and I left it for a while.

They have now solved the problems, and if you have a stable PC and a stable Windows, then you should now also have a stable X5.

I am back on v.13 and until now I am satisfied with the program.

I will suggest this program as one of the easiest ways to build a website. A full website can be build in no time, and a more complex website can also be made ( via HTML-object )

The new row-format option is good but it can be improved. I hope for a slideshow ( with slow fading ) here, and the possibility to have a Vimeo video also ( at the moment only YouTube can be played, and they don't offer the possibility to replace a video ).

And the support for X5 is fairly good.

I will recommend the product.

Kind regards

John S.

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Myron A.
Myron A.

Hello Rob,

I am using the latest version of X5 Professional 13 on my Windows 10 (Home) computer (64-bit).

Over the last month, I have been working on a fairly complex website and the software is performing extremely well.

Take a look at the "temporary" site, which you can find at:

Try it out on a full desktop PC, a phone, and a tablet. I'm still working on the site, so some of the items are just temporary placeholders.

My goal is to have the fully-finished site online by early August.

It helps to have a FAST Internet connection. I can upload at 10 Mbps, so any changes that I make to the website are updated very quickly.

At this time, I have no hesitation in recommending X5 Professional 13. Give it a try.

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Elisa B.

Hi Rob!

Thank you a lot for your interest.

I can understand your skepticism, making reference only to the Help Center, it is likely to bump into description of difficulties which can scare a bit. But you have to consider that this is a technical support page, and because of this nature of the website, it is normal to read about this kind of issues. Also, I want to underline that despite this, and in any case, our developers have promptly looked into any irregularity and provided a good solution. In fact, as you can read from the replies above, most users of WebSite X5 13 are in fact satisfied with it (here you can read more).

My suggestion is to try the most updated demo version, which you can download from our website. Also, we always give our users the opportunity of a 30 days money back guarantee.

Thank you again, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

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