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Claudette Botha
Claudette Botha

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Author: Claudette Botha
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Good day

Can someone please help me... how do I setup everything to sell raffle tickets on my website?

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John S.
John S.

Hello Claudette

One way could be to let the order number be a raffle-number. Doing it this way, you can only sell one number per order.

You have your orders in the database. Each order has a record-number.

Now you have a drawing (5 ) . You look in the order database ( could be done via the database-viewer ).

You eventually copy the data to excel.

You then see what was the last record when you had draw 4. The next record number will then be the first in draw 5 - the last in draw 5 should be the last recordnumber that is within the date-range for draw 5.

You now have a starting number and an ending number. You have a system that can make a random draw between the numbers.

When you have the numbers ( record numbers ) you can see the corresponding order-numbers and who has won.

This is one way to do it.

Another way, could be to use one of the online sites that povide "raffles" and then have this in an iframe.

Kind regards

John S.

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