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R L.

I want to keep old pictures of the website  en

Author: R L.
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 I want to keep old pictures of the website, but so that everyone of these school can view them, how do I do that.

 There are several groups with pictures of 2016-2017 on the website, now come the new photos of 2017-2018, but these pictures of 2016-2017 I want to separate archiving but in such a way that they still are accessible to all, so the teachers, parents and children should still be able to view the photos.

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John S.
John S.

Hello R.L.

There are several ways to do this. One way could be, that make an extra level.

The first level The user sees is :

Images 17/18

Images 16/17

Images 15/16 

And so on. Then for each period you have the menus like today.

You can see an example here :

You then - for esach level - make a back-button.

On the image you can see how I have made it.

I think this will be the easiest way for you, as you then can maintain all the work you have made so far - you just put it "down" one level.

Another way could be, that you made a sub-site.

In this sub-site you had an archive. Then you could, in the head menu have the seasons.

In your normal site, you have the on-going season and then when a new season starts, then you move the "old" season to the archive site.

This will have the advantage, that your "normal" site will not grow heavy to work with.

This is some ideas how you could do it.

I hope it is helpful for you.

Kind regards

John S.

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Elisa B.


Please try to follow John's useful advice. If you have difficulties, please let me know, I'm here to help you. 

Kind regards.

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Myron A.
Myron A.

Hello R L.

You will see something very similar to what you have requested at...

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