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Paul H.

Website 13 font changes when online  en

Author: Paul H.
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Q; Why does the font on my website change from  calibi to a serif type when when it is online.

I am using X5 v13.

Thanks in advance. Paul

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Paul, this simply means the dievice you are viewing the site on does not have that font so it defaults to times.

In v13 you need to add either google font/s or web font/s.

Open WX5 and before clicking Start ->, click on preferences. HJere you can add webfonts. I strongly recommend choosing a google fonts (you need to go to find the font you want to use (instead of calibri), download the ttf and copy the import code.

It is possible to embed calibri, but it should be purchased.

(this is so much easier in v16, a click to select and add to project all within WX5)

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