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Milan M.
Milan M.

Required to re-enter the license keys (version 16, 15, 14, 13).  en

Author: Milan M.
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After installing Professional version 16 (last updated)
After shutting down the pc from power and power on pc
- I need to enter a license key every time I run the program
- I have to sign up for the websitex5
- I need to enter license keys also for older versions (15, 14, 13).
Very unpleasant!
App websitex5 I have been installed legally on 2 pc.
(pc 64 bit + pc 32 bit system, win 10)
How to remove it?

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Milam. assuming WX5 used to run without needing re-enter licence key each time, is there a chance you are a different user on the PC?

If you run as admin (right click WX5, select run as administrator), are you asked to regsiter?

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Elisa B.

Hi Milan, 

thank you for your message.

Please check if under C:\Users\ The Admin username \AppData\Local\Incomedia\ there is a folder called WebSite X5 - Professional and if the licence.iwl file is inside this folder.

If this folder exists and the file is there, copy the folder and paste it under c:\Users\ Your Windows username \AppData\Local\Incomedia and then start the program.

Please repeat this operation with all the versions you are having difficulties with. If you need help I am here for you. 

Thanks! Kind regards.

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