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Bahman Raisdana

Uploading issue with SFTP-SSH File Transfer Protocol  en

Author: Bahman Raisdana
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I am a user of WebsiteX5 Evolution 10 since 2013! I have been using FTP protocol to upload the website file to the host. Recently, I had to change our host and they provide me a SFTP protocol to upload the files. I have tried to connect but we with no success and I get this error:

"Unable to connect to server.

Please check with your Internet provider that you have the correct connection information."

I have used other SFTP software like Filezilla and I could log in with the same information. I have attached the file showing the warning. Please help. Thanks.  

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Stefano G.

Hi Bahman,

Unfortunately, since the v10 has been out for a while, the Staff can no longer offer support for such old versions. Since it came out, a lot has been updated both software and server side, which means that with the newest protocols and security measures that a server may adopt, the software might not be able to communicate with it properly. This of course assuming all the connection data you inserted are correct, including the port number.

If you're unsure about that, contact your hosting first, or perhaps consider trying out the newest software's version and see if you think the new features are worth it. Should you not be able to upload with that too, you still have 30 days time to ask for a refund for it and eventually go back to your v10. Just remember to create a backup copy of your v10 project first, because you will be unable to move the project back from v16 to v10

Let me know what you think

Thank you


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