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Pulak S.
Pulak S.

Analayse and optimize the website  en

Author: Pulak S.
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on last section of website x 17th versdion, which i just downloaded, if i click on analyse and optmize the website button, nothing happens. The feature does not work. Sending you screenshot

Other features like exposrting todisk work, though.

Please help resolve this quickly

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Pulak, evolution has never had this feature (available only in professional). These features were included by mistake in v16 Evo and do nothing at this time.

I have long believed that pro features should be included in Evo but greyed out and not selectable so Evo users could see what pro has to offer.

I am not sure whether the analise/optimise option will be visible in the next revision of Evo, suffice to say this was not meant to be in Evo and currently does nothing.

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Elisa B.

Hi Pulak, 

unfortunately, this function is not available for WebSite X5 Evolution. In the beta version we released yesterday, we have in fact removed the icon from the Evolution edition. I am very sorry for this misunderstanding and I hope this has not caused too much trouble. 

Thanks! Kind regards.

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