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Milan H.
Milan H.

Flip Clock - Adding Czech Language  en

Author: Milan H.
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Hello, I am missing Czech language in Flip Clock plug-in. I tried to edit language XML file, but it is not working probably due to some CRC check.

Could you please add Czech language - it is translated in attached xml file.

Regards Milan

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Elisa B.

Hi Milan, 

thank you! 

I have reported the Idea. 

Thanks! Kind regards.

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Antal Z.
Antal Z.

Hello, I'm missing the Hungarian language in Flip Clock plug-in.

It may be that time has elapsed from time to time and count down to zero.

Before the action is started, the timer does not appear
The action countdown has started
With the action expired, the timekeeper does not see the finger

the cycling action might be displayed.

For example: Every 06-25 December
(Counts down from 06 to 25. Action before and after no time)

Thanks for allowing it

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