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Dave R.

WebSite X5 Update 17.0.6 problems with animated headlines  en

Author: Dave R.
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I downloaded the latest update 17.0.6 – 64bit

 There is now a problem with animated headlines

What used to work before doesn't work anymore!

 An example of the design and the result can be seen in the attachment.

However, If I go into design and reset all the animated headlines, then they work fine.

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Stefano G.

Hi Dave.

I performed tests on the same object and wasn't able to reproduce the issue.

If I understood correctly, after updating it was as if the Object had lost its actual settings and you had to reset them. Correct?

This is something that was never reported yet, but I will be sure to notify as to be able to keep an eye out for this.

If you still happen to have a project where this is happening, please let me know so that I might eventually verify that

Thank you


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Dave R.
Dave R.

Hi Stefano,

You are correct, I had to reset all the animated headlines.

I also downloaded the update to my laptop and exactly the same thing happened with a copy of the same project.

I only have one project using the animated headlines.


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