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Jacques V.
Jacques V.

Ios9 ipad and version 17  en

Author: Jacques V.
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Version 17 isn't visible on an old ipad with ios9 anymore.


If .... that's a matter of fact now.... then there should be a message. In your sourcecode I found this:

<script> window.onload = function(){ checkBrowserCompatibility('Uw browser ondersteunt de functies niet die nodig zijn om deze website weer te geven.','Uw browser ondersteunt mogelijk de functies niet die nodig zijn om deze website weer te geven.','[1]Werk uw browser bij[/1] of [2]ga verder zonder bij te werken[/2].',''); }; x5engine.utils.currentPagePath = 'sarcofaag-egypte-cartoon.html'; </script>

The message doesn't turn up... and the client sees an empty screen

Best regards,

Jacques V

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Stefano G.

Hi Jacques.

Thank you for your suggestion.

This matter is most important to us, and for this reason, the developers are already discussing this Idea and other possible implementations of such a warning, in order to redirect the user to why the webpage might not be working for him

I will leave this topic open so that it is more easily trackable by the Staff

Thank you


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