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Customer data sent back in e-mail to customer after order is placed  en

Author: John W.
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After a customer completes a transaction on a website, the cart details and customer data are sent back to the customer in an e-mail.  When adding extra form fields to the cart for the customer to fill in, each and every filled in field is included in that e-mail back to the customer.

There is a need to NOT send back some of those feilds in an e-mail.  So, is there a way to set up a block for selected fields by me (the website author) to not be allowed to be included in that return e-mail?  Such as sensitive data that you do not want in a plain e-mail.

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Stefano G.

Hi John.

This is something that cannot be done at the moment, I can confirm it.

If you had fields to your Contact Form, those will be added to the email too, with no exception.

Since I can see how this might be helpful in some situation though, I would like to suggest you open up a new Idea topic, explaining this need in details, so that the Staff might keep better track of this in the future

Thank you 


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