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Tom G.
Tom G.

"Google Maps" Object question – part 2  en

Author: Tom G.
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I’m opening a follow up of my first question, since that one Google Maps" Object question - part 1 has been closed…

I found similar question on one of the competitor’s forum (pretty hard to see):


The response was:


And then this response:


The class names mentioned (start with “.gm”) are the same as in our Google Maps Object calls:


I have tried to implement it in WSX5, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

Maybe someone could get it to work? KolAsim?wink It would be a great addition to the Google Maps Object!

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Stefano G.

Hi Tom.

As you already know, the Staff cannot unfortunately provide support for such inquiries regarding custom code, but I will more than happily leave this topic open so that other users might stop by and help you out with this

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for being unable to provide further help on this


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Tom G.
Tom G.

I know that, Stefano.

I count on the users who are sometimes amazing in producing very helpful pieces of custom code. They helped me already many times. I hope someone will respond!

Thanks in advance,


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