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Adam D.
Adam D.

User registration and database  en

Author: Adam D.
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how does it retreive username  it selects the first name and the last name from the table created in the database 

how could i get it to echo other columns for example i added a column to that auto registor table and called it test1 

how could i echo information in that column  would it show whatever information was in that column of that user likeit does with the name 

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Stefano G.

Hi Adam.

Unfortunately, there is no default documentation for the software about such requests, since the internal logic is built so that the WebSite can work correctly without needing to modify any major part of the code yourself.

As this greatly involves custom code usage, the Staff cannot provide support for it. Should you still wish to try and sort this out, I suggest examining the final files that the software produces, or eventually wait for more expert users to help you out here on your public topic

Thank you for your understanding


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