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Hi All.

New Update to Version 17.0.12

I notice on the update to Version 17.0.12, Incomedia has added a warning that the update may remove or reduce some functionality (or words to that effect).

I think that it would be a very good idea if Incomedia produced a chart by version number, listing ALL the various features and functions that work with all the common browsers, IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. This would enable X5 users to make an informed choice as to whether they wish to update to that version or not or stick with the version that delivers everything that they need for the websites that they have developed. I appreciate that this may lead to users not having the latest functions and features but that would be their choice.

They could also add a comment in relation to some function or features that do not currently work with certain browsers that they hope to have fully working with those browsers at some time in the near future.

Currently in the WebSite X5 Version 17 manual, it quotes the following on Page 9 Section 1.1:

WebSite X5 automatically generates page code in HTML5 + CSS 2.1 or 3 for the choices you make and the settings you define in each page, guaranteeing full compatibility with all browsers and mobile devices, as well as accurate search engine indexing”.

Far better to be honest with the X5 users as to what works (or not) with certain versions and browsers than the bland statement above. This would go a long way to restore user’s faith in Incomedia at the same time reducing the unnecessary time wasting trying to sort functions or features that are never going to work or were never intended to work in new versions or with different browsers.

The question is, has Incomedia the strength and will to be honest and upfront with their users, who pay for the product or not?


PS. I have also added this post to the Ideas section.

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John S.
John S.

I fully agree !!!!

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Elisa B.

Hi Jim, 

I already answered you at you can follow that post to find the solution.
I ask you kindly to open only one post for question: It’s better for you, because you need to follow fewer posts, and also for the community, that can use better the internal search engine.

Thanks! Kind regards.

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