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Valerie C.
Valerie C.

Problems with loading on to Smartphone  en

Author: Valerie C.
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I created a website in an old x5 edition. I have now bought the most recent edition and have uploaded this website on to it. I have had to do quite a lot of adjustments and have now been able to upload it. It is visible in all size formats except smartphone where just the title and menu shows. How can I overcome this problem without having to rebuild the whole website please.

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Andre E
Andre E
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Hello Valerie,

Check settings in x5 in responsive.

goto the page where it happens. (step4) press responsive settings.

check left viewport (yellow one) all objects need to be grey/blue.

If they are whiite they will not be shown in the viewport below the yellow one (smartphone)

So tab the hide button untill there is a blue line around it. Now hit the objects you want to show in smallest viewport and meke them grey/blue. then set show hide button to off, save and upload.

Check all pages where this occurs.


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