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Jim C.

No acces to admin function RESOLVED  en

Author: Jim C.
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Hi Andre E,

No access to admin panel – now resolved.

I have now found a solution to the problems that I was experiencing with not being able to access the admin panel with version 17. I have been looking for any changes between when the admin panel was working and when it stopped working. If I uploaded, only the files that had changed in the project the admin panel continued to work OK.

However, if I deleted the whole project from the web server, when I uploaded a new project the admin panel stopped working. If I then re-uploaded the exact original project, the admin panel still would not work.

During the many tests that I carried out, I had taken “screen grabs” from the file manager on my web server, see attached jpeg.

I went back and re-examined these “screen grabs”, in photo A where the admin panel was working OK, you will see that there is a tmp folder with session files in it. In photo, B where the admin panel no longer worked you will note that the tmp folder is no longer there and the admin panel did not work.

I then manually added a tmp folder via the file manager in my web server, after doing this and logging into the admin function, it now worked OK.

I then added a tmp folder to the other two websites where the admin panel did not work and it now works OK in all of them.

Given that, I have never at any time added a tmp folder to any of my web sites on the web server this raises some points:

Which software created the tmp folder, Incomedia X5 or my web hosting software?

My web-hosting provider say that they have not changed anything. 

If it was Incomedia X5 software that created the tmp folder what changed (if anything) in version 17 that caused it to no longer create the tmp folder?

The other thought that I had was when I sent you my test project which you uploaded to your web site using version 17 and the admin function worked OK, would there have already been a tmp folder on your web site and is this why my test project worked OK. If you renamed or deleted (if it exists) the tmp folder on your website, would the admin function work with any new project that you uploaded.

Therefore, after many more days than I would care to admit too, the admin panel issue seems to be resolved.

Whilst compiling this reply, I received the attached further post from Stefano G, which I have included for completeness.

Hi Jim

Thank you for you last input. If I understand correctly, even just creating this tmp folder fixed the issue you previously had.

I can confirm that no such folder was ever created by any version of WebSite and for this reason, I doubt that the software has had actually anything to do with this.

Perhaps, was this the first time you deleted the whole content on the server? Could it be that your server specifically needed that folder to run the site correctly, and you deleted that as well when you updated your websites?

I've performed further tests with both v17 and older version, and can confirm that the software itself will not attempt to create such folder for the mentioned functionality, and it must be something strictly related to your current hosting, as it seems to work correctly with both your project and whatever other on multiple other different hostings.

If that really is the solution, then you can easily get it fixed by recreating the tmp folder in your domains, but I would suggest investigating this further with your hosting in order to avoid possible similar issues in the future

Keep me posted on this should you discover anything new on the same matter

Thank you


Posted on the 02/28/2019 15:39:06 from Stefano G.

Therefore, thank you for all your considerable help in trying to resolve this issue and thanks to Stefano G for his help and support.


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Andre E
Andre E
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Great Jim,

Nice to see it is finaly fixed, very strange this folder but if it works then you shoulld not question it fixed and move on.

Again, thanks also for all testing and patience end this post so it might help oters as well.

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