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John W.

Alt tags for images used in shopping cart cards  en

Author: John W.
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For the image or images used for a shopping cart card, is there a way to set an ALT tag for the image?

Is it really needed?  There is all kinds of Schema code set up, which is really nice, thank you for that.

Should I (or we as others read this) need to be concerned about having ALT tags for shopping cart cards?

I do know that when I just place an image object on a page, you can set the ALT tag and lots of fancy perks

to highlight the image. And I was taught how to set it on embedded images in text blocks.

Just wondering if those used in shopping cart items can have or even need this attribute.

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.
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"For the image or images used for a shopping cart card, is there a way to set an ALT tag for the image?" - At the moment there is no such possibility, as far as I know.

"Should I (or we as others read this) need to be concerned about having ALT tags for shopping cart cards?" - I think it would be nice.

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