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Paygate for South African Users (Shopping Cart)  en

Author: Rista L.
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Good day, since we are situated in South Africa, I am in desperate need of a Shopping cart (Paygate) for my Online Store. We are making use of Payfast in South Africa, but I need someone to do the integration which can be found at

or at under integration. We are running 4 e-commerce website within our business, and I would like to switch all of them to Website X5 once we can get a South African paygate up and running.

We cannot make use of PayPal or the other Shopping carts (Paygates) provided within Website X5 Pro. These options are mainly for international users only.

Can someone please assist me with this matter it would help to make use of Website X5 Pro for all our websites in our country.

My website URL:

Thank You, in advance.   

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