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Jacques V.
Jacques V.

Uploading starts at once I cannot look into the maps on my website before anymore  en

Author: Jacques V.
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Dear all,

Version 2019 - After updating with 2019.2....

Uploading starts at once.

I cannot look into the maps on my website anymore - before uploading - .

I can't remove old files with the newest application.

I have to take an old version (or another FTP-app)  to look into my webdomaine en to have things done....

Have  things changed on that regard?.... Where can I find that changes ?

Best regards,

Jacques V

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Jacques,

There has been a slight modification to the export process as you rightly point out.

Click on the icon highlighted in the image below to gain access to the files and folders on your web server:

Kind regards,


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