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Irma H.

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Author: Irma H.
Visited 154, Followers 1, Shared 0 I have seen that you have some valuable information on your website and I would really access the links you place. But as soon as I click a link there is a registration necessary and I do not know how to continue? Please help!  j ai vu gue vous des informations très utiles sur votre site, mais en cliquant sur les liens je ne peux pas continuer, car il faut avoir un login? Merci d avance de votre aide!

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Hey Irma, all

I closed the free registration because to many spams came on this forum from Russian people yell.

I am sorry for this incovenience.

But the registration is always available.

Send me an email to:


In your email give me a pseudo for the login.

And I will create your account

You're welcome !!!!

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