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Valerie K.

How to enter information in Data Management in Website x5 pro  en

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I am trying to insert a digital productand add the html code for the payment option.

1)   I did click on "Order Management," I then clicked on "add," A window opened with "General," "Cost," and "E Mail message," I still cant find "Type," I believe I insert the html code into type.

2)   I now have another question with regard "Data Management,"

When I go into it. It reads "Create a list of Data Bases linked to the project. (Is this related to the service provider) Sorry I appear so ignorant. It then reads "Description," "Database name," "Host name," "User name," Where do I add the PHP connection string. My service provider is  They are the service provide I use to upload my website to the intenet. They mention a PHP connection string. what does this mean and where will I insert it.

I would be grateful for any information that you are able to give me. 

Have a good day

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Valerie Kerr

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Valerie,

In answer to your queries...

1.  There are two 'Add' buttons on the Order Management tab.  The one which you require is the lower one, as highlighted in the screenshot below:

2.  You don't need to worry about the PHP connection string, as WebSite X5 takes care of all that for you behind the scenes as it were.  All you need to connect to your database is the following:

  • Hostname (this will be localhost if your database is on the same server as your website, which is an extremely common scenario)
  • Database name (the name of the MySQL database which you will create specifically for use with your WebSite X5 project
  • Database username: (a 'handle' which you create to identify yourself when requesting access to your new MySQL database)
  • Database password: (self-explanatory...  this permits access to the database when used in conjunction with the username)

You need to physically 'create' the new database using tools which are available to you on your server.  There is no way to create the database from within WebSite X5.  As you go through the process of creating the database you will collate the necessary details/access credentials which can then be entered into WebSite X5 in the Data Management section.

As you have helpfully stated that your hosting is with I will include the links to their relevant instructions below:

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Valerie K.
Valerie K.

Thank you so much.

One more question.

How do I activate "Send Data to Database"

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