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Les S.

Updated website does not match the map  en

Author: Les S.
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the website as created and shown in the map has pages in the correct subfolders but the uploaded version lumps all the pages into the root directory.


I want the pages to be in their relevant subfolders so their addresses maintain the links from other websites created over the last twenty years

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..
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Les, that is the way WX5 works. The hierarchy will be correct in the menu system, but all pages are stored in the root.

Many years ago when I hand crafted website I too made much use of folders, but Incomedia has always simply used the root. Assuming you still have the program originally used to create your site (or you could open each html file in a simple text editor) you could edit each page to directly open the appropriate new page, this would allow you to continue to take advantage of existing links through google, bing or permalinks in other sites. In time SEO will discard or ignore ancient pages in favour of your new site and hopefully you will slowly revise links to old pages in other sites but in the interim your site will still be found by users.

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