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Evgeni P.
Evgeni P.

When I change the default name of the page, the old page stay on home directory  en

Author: Evgeni P.
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Hello, when changing the file name on a page and uploading changes, the old default name page remains in the server folder. Is there a way to automatically remove during upload, or do I have to manually remove the remaining pages each time?
Does Google recognize them as duplicates?
When I open a project, a page has a name (file name) - page-21.
After change it becomes (file name) - contact.
Uploading the site to the directory uploads - contact, but remains - page-21

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Evgeni you are correct. If you rename a page that was previously uploaded, the old page with the old name will remain on the host. You can remove unnecessary files at time of upload.

If you add a page in WX5 and change the name before uploading to the internet the original page will not be uploaded.

You can also have a page with a specific file name, but it will display as a different name using properties

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Steve J.

Hello Evgeni,

I confirm this, you can delete them using the internal FTP editor of WebSite X5 at Step 5. W5 never delete automatically the pages.

Yes, the page is on the server, but Google should not see it because it is not linked in the website or in the sitemap. Anyway it could be good to remove it. 

Another solution is to remove all the files from server and upload all the website. I suggest to do that just in case and sometimes, it is not mandatory.

Hope this helps.

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