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Béatrice F.

Lost project file  en

Author: Béatrice F.
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I have upgraded to Evo 2020.1.4 and worked on my project.

Today my computer crashed. When I restarted, my project did not appear in 'modify an existing project'.

On the drive I have a folder with all the html files and others for my project in the path 'C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Incomedia\WebSite X5 - Evo\_temp_79c0tzg9'.

How can I recover my project ?

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Andre E
Andre E

I hope you made regular backups in step 5 export project. that is the best way to imoprt a file made this way.

Else select the project if it is your project selection, then choose backup button and see if you can recover from there.

If not search your pc for a backup file made in step 5 export project with exe=tension iwzip.

If you can't fond that as well search for an file from the project, this has iwprj2 extension, but one needs the rest of the files and folders as well.

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