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Have i understood the use of the sitemap correctly?

If i use an internal search object, it will use the sitemap to search the site?

If i do not want Google to index a page, and use noindex on that page, i will then get an error with google becuase the sitemap includes that page (becuase i want the internal search to work), but google can't index it?

Is this correct.


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Andre E
Andre E
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You can find a lot of info over the sitemap on internet, and no it is not used for the search option in x5, i presume you are talking about the search engine of x5 itself. If not:

Sitemap is used to make it easyer for google to scan your website so that they can use it show better results in the search engines on internet, like google.

it's not that they can't index a certain site it's just that they wont use it for search results in there search engine.

check here for instance: for  i hope a better explanation.

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