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I have been trying to get to the bottom of Tag managment in X5, without any luck, Incomedia have not responded to my questions.

In my opinion, the SEO section of X5 is totally unclear and does not do what the guides or manual suggest. As an example, in the page properties help, the description for Page Title:-

Page Title: give the page a title that differs from the one in the website Map.

The name given to the page in the website's Map is kept in the navigation menu; the Page Title given here is displayed as the page's title when the page is displayed online.

It does not!

The automatic tag management does not seem to do what the manual says, each section of the properties should be clearly marked - exactly what they do - i.e. TAG TITLE should actually say "This is Displayed in the Browser Tab". The Page Description should say "This Will Appear In Search Results", and it should be tested to ensure this is what it does.

This is an important tool and needs a complete update - Please get this working properly - Or make the help clear and simple.

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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello P.S.,

Please continue on your original thread, where Stefano from Incomedia is offering you support on this topic:

Please try to avoid creating duplicate threads on similar topics on the Help Center, as it makes it harder to track issues, and has a detrimental effect on the search function.

Many thanks!

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