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Дмитрий К.
Дмитрий К.

How to resize text when changing the size of the device screen  en

Author: Дмитрий К.
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Good afternoon. On a mobile device, the text looks huge. But for the monitor it’s great

How can I implement a setting in the program to reduce the text size while reducing the screen resolution ?



Добрый день. На мобильном устройстве текст выглядит огромным. Но для монитора отлично

Как можно реализовать настройку в программе для уменьшение размера текста с уменьшением разрешения экрана ?


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Andre E
Andre E

Hello Дмитрий К.,

Maybe this guide provides more info?

you can set different objects in smaller template viewports in header and footer if needed.

I don't have the website so i am not sure if you are refering to header footer objects or to page objects.

maybe these help as well:

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