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Rob K.

Website X5 Evolution 14 - Lost project - PLEASE HELP  en

Author: Rob K.
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Hey everyone,

I require some assistance!! I have recently used the Website X5 Evolution 14 software and created a website project for my aunty's online store - I published it and it is active online. I saved continuously throughtout the project but now she has given me feedback on edits she would like to make and so as i went to open the project to make edits it is no longer there? it is on my computer as a saved file hoqwever when i go to import through exisiting projects my computer does not recognise it as says there as no files in the folder its saved in - what have i done wrong? is there a way to get the project back from the website? or do i need to start over again?

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Jiper 85
Jiper 85
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Hi Rob,

Check the "Preferences" section, the very first page when you open the software, and indicate the path to the projects on your computer. Then you look on the project choice page to see if it's in place :

(Sorry, I've only FR version to make my screenshot)

Also remember to make an IWZIP backup of the project to be able to recover it later in the event of a problem...


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