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Christopher S.

Home page not displaying correctly on first entry  en

Author: Christopher S.
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I updated the PayPal button on and after I uploaded the website, I discovered doesn't display correctly (i.e. header missing, navigation missing, much of the page is missing and messed up). (See attached screenshot).

(For further clarity, the fee updating is done on PayPal's site, and the snippet of code on my site calls up the PayPal hosted payment page when the pay button is pressed on my site.

The snippet on my site never changes, though I have removed and reinstalled the snippet on my site to see if something mysteriously got messed up. It didn't fix the issue I am having with the home page.)

If I move to a different page, /trauma-release-coaching.html for example, and then click on "Bearfoot Healing" (the navigation name for the homepage), the homepage displays correctly and includes an extension (/home.html). The extension is normal as I recall, but I know I have always been able to just type into the browser and I would get a properly displayed without any page address/extension.

To experience what I am writing about, please visit How does it display, as in how does it show for you as the visitor?

Now visit See how the header and all page elements are there and displaying correctly?

Now click on "Bearfoot Healing" in the navigation. See how it is now a normal webpage that has added /home.html to the address. This part is as it should be as I recall. This is what used to be displayed, (the page itself with all the elements displaying correctly), when I or anyone typed into the address bar. Typing that address used to show up as without the need for the /home.html and would display correctly.

Everyone I know just types in and the server would serve up

Right now, if I or anyone types,into the browser, the server gives them https://bearfoothealing and a mess as seen in the attached screenshot.

I am trying to figure out what is going on and how changing the fee on PayPal and uploading the site messed this up.

Any ideas?

Sorry for the over-explaining and repeating myself. This is a copy of my side of the conversation I was having with my host's tech support who couldn't figure out what I was talking about.

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Christopher S.
Christopher S.

Thank you so much to you both!

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