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Lizzie C.
Lizzie C.

Object exceeds its work area - how to fix  en

Author: Lizzie C.
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I have used the Analyse and Optimise website tool (Menu 5 Export) and I am left with 6 similar error messages for example "The object exceeds its working area. Image Smartphone: 310px,70px"

I can see that these relate to the Header. I have been all through Templates Structure and Templates Content but I cannot find anyway of correcting the problem and in looking through the help pages I am going round in circles.

The site is set  to Responsive and the break points are at the default settings.

Can someone give me a simple idiot's guide to fixing this please?

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Andre E
Andre E

You need to go to the correct viewport, the one x5 tells you in the header, there will ba an object that is outside the content window, it can be a little to big or high, it can also be totally out of the content area, you need to search for it and then insert it within the content area.

x5 tells you also what kind of object, under position that is out of viewport

in my eaxample hover button in viewport 1 (the green viewport one on the left)

There are also grid locations (in the project analyses), compare them with other grid locations in the header (left below in viewport) to a good idea about where to search.


The title that is out of alignement is blue surrounded, the hover button that is out of alignement is left below.

the meaning of the grids left below in the header (or footer)

the most left is position on the grid, the 2 others on the right from these are the size of the object.

I hope this helps you getting the order within the view, one last thing there is a button on top to show an object on your header or footer to bring one in fron of another or the other way around, this might also help if you lost a object or if you want to display them differently on your site. (sometimes an object is above your menu, you would not want that, set menu so always to front)

Best Regards,

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Lizzie C.
Lizzie C.

Andre, A big thank you! I have found the "missing" objects and get a 100% score from Optimisation. However my homepage images (but not text) disappear on every viewpoint except pc although all the other pages work fine. Every page (except menu headers) disappears on smartphone less than 480px viewpoint. What trick am I missing?

Thanks - again!

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Elisa B.

Hi Lizzie!

Please check the Show/Hide Option for the viewports you can't find the Object on: it has possibly been hidden. 

Thanks! Kind regards.

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