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Jon W.
Jon W.

Trouble re installing x5 compact  en

Author: Jon W.
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Bought x5 version 8 compact a while ago just gone to reinstall on a new pc and whe installing it comes up with wbsite problems afte entering the unlock code 

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Jon, version 8 is a very old program (2009?) It is no longer supported and is not compatible with a number of current web standards. If you must use it you will need Incomedia to assist in unlocking it. You will need to make a request here and provide whatever licensing information you have. 

If you do this, mark your first post as private (click on the eye)

Can I suggest that you use a new version?

This has a limited feature set but it is free (& I am pretty sure the features that are included will be far better than those in Compact V8)

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