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Eric M.

Do not upload pics & movies again when removed.  en

Author: Eric M.
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The information we see on our computer when previewing the website should be the same as that what is uploaded to the host. 

For some reason, eventhough I remove ALL the pics from the host and remove the gallery and menu option from the website, WebsiteX5 uploads them again.  This causes a number of issues and problems for your customer.  (Time, Space, and Cost)  I'm having to use a Satellite service during half the week. 

The system should NOT upload anything to the host that is NOT currently on the Website created under the preview.

Better still all movies, pics, ... should automatically be removed from the host if not matching the preview.  

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.
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Hello. I sent a notification about your idea to the company employees, expect an answer from them here in the comments.

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Stefano G.

Hello Eric

Especially when coming from older versions, issues such as these can remain embedded into your project. This is due to particular situations that the software doesn't handle properly that can lead to files being lingering inside the data

I can confirm, judging by the issue you describe, that since there are many elements present in these conditions this, unfortunately, makes it impossible to manually operate to remove them.

However, I can recommend an alternative method to fix the problem in a sufficiently agile manner.

The incorrect data that leads to the creation of the wrong elements is inherent within the project, so you should first proceed to create a new project.

Once this is done, open another instance of the program in order to have the program open twice with the new project on one side and the original one on the other.

At this point, you can copy the pages from Step 3 of the original project to the new project. After doing this, check that all the contents of the page appear

By doing so, you can transport the pages into the new project without having to recreate the project from scratch and consequently removing the leftovers in the project that cause the creation of these old files, which unfortunately can no longer be removed from the original project.

Pay attention to this though. When you "Copy" to a page from the original project, you will find that hovering the mouse in the new project window you will not be able to "Paste". This is due to the fact that to enable the "Paste" button when you do this to move pages from one project to another with two programs open at the same time, you should first copy and paste any page into the new project.

At this point, the "Paste" button will be enabled and the program will be able to recognize the "Copy" command even if it comes from a second program window opened with another project

Try to proceed like this and let me know if you have any problems

Thank you


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