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John S.

Shopping freight costs calculation  en

Author: John S.
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Among other things, it would be good if the calculation of freight costs could be more flexible.

A suggestion for that is to combine the order-total and the weight.

We could keep the present options and then have an extra, that is a combination. If this extra is checked only that should be used.

How should it function? You should tie the order-cost and weight together in lines.

A line should contain:

from weight    to weight   from order-total   to order-total      freight price

A setting could be:

>=  0       <=  2     >= 0          <= 400              >=  10 EURO

>=  0       <=  2     >= 401      <= 1000            >=  5  EURO

>=  2.1    <=  10    >= 0         <= 400              >=  15 EURO

>=  2.1    <=  10    >= 401     <= 1000              >=  10 EURO

>=          <=          >= 1001    <=                     >=   0 EURO

It should be so that the first line that meets all criterias is used. This way it will be possible to specify that if the weight is over 2 kg (but lower than 10 kg.) and the order-amount is between 400 and 1000, then the freight will be 10 EURO.

If the order-amount is over 1000 EURO, then the freight will be 0 (free) no matter the weight.

This will give a very flexible freight calculation.

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John S.
John S.

The reason why I suggest to keep the separate weight and order-total is that it will then be backwards-compatible. It will only be an extra option.

It could of course be made with only the flexible way of calculation. The new way should be able to handle the same as what is there now - and as a combination is possible - and much more.

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Adrian B.
Adrian B.

The best would be for x5 to have both weight and box dimension for each cart item and each item variation or option.

that information is then sent to shipping provider via API, which calculates shipping cost accurately.

that is how my cs-cart web store works on  i wish i had that on my x5 site

the cart on x5 needs serious improvement. 

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Elisa B.

Hi John, 

I confirm I have reported your request. 

Thanks! Kind regards.

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