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Rudolf B.
Rudolf B.

The url of the server is not matching the one given in settings  en

Author: Rudolf B.
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Dear Lady,Sir,

After not having used X5 for the past two years, I now encounter a problem in the FTP section. This used to run smoothly, as I had uploaded many versions of our site.X5 ftp now comes with a message that the url of the server is not matching the one given in settings. Attached screenshots of the message; settings and opening page current site.We are using X5 version 16 Evolution.

I would appreciate your assistance.

Kind Regards

Rudolf Breijs

E2E International

(happy X5 user)

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Rudolf, please check the url of your website, I get the following

It appears there is some conflict with the security (is it now https: rather than http: ?) you can check this with your hosting.

Assuming you can access your site

This is only a warning frequently displayed when ftp to store a website is different to the url..

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