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Graham O.

Google Analytics Code Showing on Home Page  en

Author: Graham O.
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Hi guys

I built a new look website for my camera club and while I was doing it I also built a new personal website for myself using the exact same template and settingns in the main.  However on my website the Google analytics code is showing on the on-line web page where my camera club site does not! 

The stats settings in step 2 are the same now, but initally, being a bit dumb when it comes to google Analytices, I had put some code in the code section of step 2 and when I saw the tracking code on line, I removed it so both sites are now identical in step 2.  This did not appear at any time when using the site preview so it came as a surprise to see it on line.

How can I get rid of it?

I attach a screenshot.



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Graham O.
Graham O.

Scratch this!  i found it.  I'd put the GA tracking code in the SEO page in step 2 instead of a meta tag.  At least, the is a difference in the 2 sites.  

Anywy, the issue is GONE  :D

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