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Jan K.
Jan K.

Evo9 update to evo2022  en

Author: Jan K.
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Good day,

I need to update two projects from EVO9 to the current version EVOv2022.

Please help.

Thank you very much.

Jan Krátký

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Jan, someone here will be able to assist on converting your v9 to v11 or later, you will then be able to import your projects to the current version.Sadly I am not currently in a position to offer.

Please be aware that unless your existing projects have a large amount of content it is frequently far easier to start a new project and copy and paste content from the existing published sites.

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Elisa B.

Hi Jan!

Thank you for getting in touch.

Unfortunately, projects created with version 9 can't be opened in the current WebSite X5 version, I am sorry about this. We can of course convert the project file for you, but please consider the version gap between the two is very big, it is then possible that some parts of the original project may not be transferred correctly. Our suggestion is such cases is to start off a new project, possibly using one of the included templates, so to be working on a project conceived for the new version rather than on an adapted one: the result would surely look better!

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Kind regards.

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